Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Abstract-Terahertz artificial birefringence and tunable phase shifter based on dielectric metasurface with compound lattice

Yun-Yun Ji, Fei Fan, Meng Chen, Lei Yang, and Sheng-Jiang Chang

A dielectric metasurface with line-square compound lattice structure has been fabricated and demonstrated in the terahertz (THz) regime by the THz time-domain spectroscopy and numerical simulation. A polarization dependent electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) effect is achieved in this metasurface due to the mode coupling and interference between the resonance modes in line and square subunits of the metasurface. Accompany with the EIT effect, a large artificial birefringence effect between two orthogonal polarization states is also observed in this compound metasurface, of which birefringence is over 0.6. Furthermore, the liquid crystals are filled on the surface of this dielectric metasurface to fabricate an electrically tunable THz LC phase shifter. The experimental results show that its tunable phase shift under the biased electric field reaches 0.33π, 1.8 times higher than the bare silicon, which confirms the enhancement role of THz microstructure on the LC phase shift in the THz regime. The large birefringence phase shift of this compound metasurface and its LC tunable phase shifter will be of great significance for potential applications in THz polarization and phase devices.
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