Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Abstract-Study of the interaction between graphene and planar terahertz metamaterial with toroidal dipolar resonance

Xu Chen and Wenhui Fan


A planar terahertz metamaterial consisting of square split ring resonators is proposed, and the excitation of toroidal dipolar resonance is demonstrated. Moreover, we theoretically investigate the strong interaction between graphene and toroidal dipolar resonance of the metamaterial. By varying its Fermi energy, the simulations show that graphene can actively modulate the transmission amplitude of toroidal dipolar resonance and even switch it off. The interaction of the toroidal dipolar resonance with monolayer graphene further highlights the ultrasensitive sensing characteristic of the planar metamaterial, which can be utilized for other graphene-like two-dimensional materials. These intriguing properties of the proposed metamaterial may have potential applications in terahertz modulators and ultrasensitive sensors.
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