Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Abstract-Optically generated terahertz pulses with strong quasistatic precursors

M. I. Bakunov, A. V. Maslov, and M. V. Tsarev

We found theoretically that optical rectification of an ultrashort laser pulse in an electro-optic crystal can produce a terahertz pulse with a quasistatic electromagnetic precursor propagating ahead of the pulse. The strengths of the electric and magnetic fields in the precursor can be comparable to those in the main terahertz pulse. This effect occurs if the pump optical pulse is intense enough to produce two- or multi-photon ionization in the crystal. The precursor is generated by the current of the optically created carriers, which are accelerated by the electric field of the terahertz pulse. The optically generated strong quasistatic precursors can be used for particle acceleration, control of magnetic materials, and in streaking techniques.

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