Friday, April 7, 2017

Abstract-Practical dual-band terahertz imaging system

Deliang Zhou, Liwei Hou, Wei Xie, Yuanzhang Zang, Bin Lu, Jian Chen, and Peiheng Wu

This paper introduces a dual-band terahertz imaging system as a potential product for nondestructive testing using heterodyne detectors and continuous-wave sources. The operating frequencies of the system are 110.4 and 220.8 GHz. Multiband fusion technology combines the advantages of the greater spatial resolution of the high-frequency band and the enhanced sensitivity of the low-frequency band to improve the detection ability of the system. Additionally, the interference cancellation technology is used to obtain a superior image quality. The spatial resolution of this system was approximately 3 mm. The results show that the system can be used for bonding quality and embedded defect detection in radomes and foam materials adhered to metal plates in aircrafts.
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