Saturday, April 29, 2017

Abstract-Plasmon induced transparency effect through alternately coupled resonators in terahertz metamaterial

Koijam Monika Devi, Amarendra K. Sarma, Dibakar Roy Chowdhury, and Gagan Kumar

We analyze plasmon induced transparency (PIT) in a planar terahertz metamaterial comprising of two C-shaped resonators and a cut-wire. The two C-shaped resonators are placed alternately on both sides of the cut-wire such that it exhibits a PIT effect when coupled with the cut wire. We have further shown that the PIT window is modulated by displacing the C-shaped resonators w.r.t. the cut-wire. A lumped element equivalent circuit model is reported to explain the numerical observations for different coupling configurations. The PIT effect is further explored in a metamaterial comprising of a cross like structure and four C-shaped resonators. For this configuration, the PIT effect is studied for the incident light polarized in both x and y directions. It is observed that such a structure exhibits equally strong PIT effects for both the incident polarizations, indicating a polarization independent response to the incident terahertz radiation. Our study could be significant in the development of slow light devices and polarization independent sensing applications.

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