Sunday, April 16, 2017

Abstract-Numerical analysis of temperature-controlled terahertz power splitter

Li Yang, Li Jiu-Sheng


As a significant terahertz functional device, terahertz beam splitters with high performance are highly required to meet the need for terahertz communication, terahertz image, and terahertz sensor systems.


The proposed 1×6 power splitter becomes 1×4 power splitter with the aid of the localized temperature change at the frequency of 1.0THz. The total output power is equivalent to 97.8% of the input power for the six-channel splitter and 95.4% for the four-channel splitter. The dimension of the device is of 35a×27a.


A temperature-controlled terahertz power divider based on photonic crystal multimode interference structure and Y-junction photonic crystal waveguides is an efficient mechanism for the power divider of terahertz waves. The proposed device paves a promising way for the realization of terahertz wave integrated device.

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