Thursday, March 23, 2017

Abstract-Switchable broadband terahertz absorber/reflector enabled by hybrid graphene-gold metasurface

Yu Tong Zhao, Bian Wu, Bei Ju Huang, and Qiang Cheng

Numerous studies have been made to design switchable terahertz absorber for the application of amplitude modulator. However, it is still a challenge to achieve large modulation range while maintaining broad bandwidth. Here, we propose a switchable broadband absorber/reflector in the low-terahertz regime. By utilizing a hybrid graphene-gold metasurface on SiO2/pSi/PDMS substrate with an aluminum back, an excellent absorption across 0.53–1.05 THz with a wide incident angles for both TE and TM polarizations is achieved. By controlling the voltage across gold electrode and pSi, the chemical potential of graphene can be changed correspondingly. When the chemical potential of graphene varied from 0eV to 0.3eV, the state of the proposed structure can be switched from absorption (>90%) to reflection (>82%) over the whole operation bandwidth. Electric field intensity and surface loss density of the proposed absorber under different chemical potential are given to have a physical insight of the mechanisms. The switchable absorber/reflector can enable a wide application of high performance terahertz devices, such as active camouflage, imaging, modulators and electro-optic switches.
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