Thursday, February 16, 2017

Abstract-Real-time broadband terahertz spectroscopic imaging by using a high-sensitivity terahertz camera

Terahertz (THz) imaging has a strong potential for applications because many molecules have fingerprint spectra in this frequency region. Spectroscopic imaging in the THz region is a promising technique to fully exploit this characteristic. However, the performance of conventional techniques is restricted by the requirement of multidimensional scanning, which implies an image data acquisition time of several minutes. In this study, we propose and demonstrate a novel broadband THz spectroscopic imaging method that enables real-time image acquisition using a high-sensitivity THz camera. By exploiting the two-dimensionality of the detector, a broadband multi-channel spectrometer near 1 THz was constructed with a reflection type diffraction grating and a high-power THz source. To demonstrate the advantages of the developed technique, we performed molecule-specific imaging and high-speed acquisition of two-dimensional (2D) images. Two different sugar molecules (lactose and D-fructose) were identified with fingerprint spectra, and their distributions in one-dimensional space were obtained at a fast video rate (15 frames per second). Combined with the one-dimensional (1D) mechanical scanning of the sample, two-dimensional molecule-specific images can be obtained only in a few seconds. Our method can be applied in various important fields such as security and biomedicine.

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