Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Abstract-Nonlinear optical detection of terahertz-wave radiation from resonant tunneling diodes

Yuma Takida, Kouji Nawata, Safumi Suzuki, Masahiro Asada, and Hiroaki Minamide


The sensitive detection of terahertz (THz)-wave radiation from compact sources at room temperature is crucial for real-world THz-wave applications. Here, we demonstrate the nonlinear optical detection of THz-wave radiation from continuous-wave (CW) resonant tunneling diodes (RTDs) at 0.58, 0.78, and 1.14 THz. The up-conversion process in a MgO:LiNbO3 crystal under the noncollinear phase-matching condition offers efficient wavelength conversion from a THz wave to a near-infrared (NIR) wave that is detected using a commercial NIR photodetector. The minimum detection limit of CW THz-wave power is as low as 5 nW at 1.14 THz, corresponding to 2-aJ energy and 2.7 × 103 photons within the time window of a 0.31-ns pump pulse. Our results show that the input frequency and power of RTD devices can be calibrated by measuring the output wavelength and energy of up-converted waves, respectively. This optical detection technique for compact electronic THz-wave sources will open up a new opportunity for the realization of real-world THz-wave applications.
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