Monday, February 27, 2017

Abstract-CMOS Integrated Lock-in Readout Circuit for FET Terahertz Detectors

    Suzana Domingues, Daniele Perenzoni, Matteo Perenzoni, David Stoppa,

In this paper, a switched-capacitor readout circuit topology integrated with a THz antenna and field-effect transistor detector is analyzed, designed, and fabricated in a 0.13-μm standard CMOS technology. The main objective is to perform amplification and filtering of the signal, as well as subtraction of background in case of modulated source, in order to avoid the need for an external lock-in amplifier, in a compact implementation. A maximum responsivity of 139.7 kV/W, and a corresponding minimum NEP of 2.2 nW/√Hz, was obtained with a two-stage readout circuit at 1 kHz modulation frequency. The presented switched-capacitor circuit is suitable for implementation in pixel arrays due to its compact size and power consumption (0.014 mm2 and 36 μW).

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