Thursday, January 19, 2017

Abstract-Modular 2SB SIS Receiver for 600–720 GHz: Performance and Characterization Methods

Andrey Khudchenko, Ronald Hesper, Andrey M. Baryshev

A modular sideband-separating (2SB) receiver for 600–720 GHz has been built and tested. The used modular design allows to characterize all the parts separately, including testing of the superconductor–insulator–superconductor (SIS) junctions individually in a double-sideband mode before building them in to the 2SB assembly. The developed 2SB mixer has a single sideband noise temperature below 380 K in the entire operating band and reaches a level of 200 K in the best point. At the same time, the image rejection ratio (IRR) was demonstrated to be better than 11.5 dB over the entire band. However, we have found a discrepancy between the observed and expected performance. To investigate this problem, we have developed and applied methods to characterize RF and intermediate frequency imbalances of a fully assembled 2SB mixer using the SIS junction properties. As result, the IRR of our mixer was found to be limited by the RF imbalance, which is caused by complex standing waves created by reflections from the SIS junctions, the RF hybrid and the RF absorption load.

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