Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Patent application-US09525136) Ultraviolet, infrared and terahertz photo/radiation sensors using graphene layers to enhance sensitivity

Applicants:Magnolia Optical Technologies, Inc.
Inventors:Elwood J. Egerton
Ashok K. Sood
Agents:Loginov & Associates, PLLC
William A. Loginov

Application Number:14580198Application Date:22.12.2014
Publication Number:09525136Publication Date:20.12.2016
Grant Number:09525136Grant Date:20.12.2016
Publication Kind :B1

Ultraviolet (UV), Terahertz (THZ) and Infrared (IR) radiation detecting and sensing systems using graphene nanoribbons and methods to making the same. In an illustrative embodiment, the detector includes a substrate, single or multiple layers of graphene nanoribbons, and first and second conducting interconnects each in electrical communication with the graphene layers. Graphene layers are tuned to increase the temperature coefficient of resistance to increase sensitivity to IR radiation. Absorption over a wide wavelength range of 200 nm to 1 mm are possible based on the two alternative devices structures described within. These two device types are a microbolometer based graphene film where the TCR of the layer is enhanced with selected functionalization molecules. The second device structure consists of a graphene nanoribbon layers with a source and drain metal interconnect and a deposited metal of SiO2 gate which modulates the current flow across the phototransistor detector.

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