Friday, October 14, 2016

Abstract-Harvesting Plasmonic Excitations in Graphene for Tunable Terahertz/Infrared Metamaterials

Yuancheng Fan1, Fuli Zhang1, Quanhong Fu1 and Hongqiang Li2
(W)e focus on the development on tunable terahertz/infrared metamaterials enabled with plasmonic excitations in graphene micro-/nanostructures. We aimed the issue (sic), that high loss in the plasmonic excitations of graphene limits the performance of graphene’s ability in manipulating light. We show the enhancement of light-graphene interactions by employing plasmonic metamaterial design for proper plasmonic excitations, and coherent modulation on optical fields to further increase the bonding of light field for boosted plasmonic excitations. The enhanced plasmonic excitations in graphene provide the possibility of practical applications for terahertz and infrared band graphene photonics and optoelectronics.

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