Monday, October 3, 2016

Abstract-Guided mode resonance with extremely high Q-factors in terahertz metamaterials

  • Hang Chen
  • Jianjun , Liu
  • Zhi Hong

We proposed and demonstrated that guided mode resonance (GMR) response with extremely high quality factor can be achieved in a planar terahertz metamaterial (MM) by rotating split ring resonators (SRRs) or moving the gaps of SRRs in a two-SRR composed MM. Furthermore, a novel extremely sharp asymmetric Fano resonance or electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) like spectral response can be easily realized by manipulating the coherent interaction between this high Q GMR and the dipole resonance of MM. The new method can be extended to other ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, and open new horizons for the design of ultra-high Q metamaterials for multifunctional applications, such as ultra-sensitive sensors, narrowband filters, or slow light based devices.

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