Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Abstract-Far-field characteristics of the square grooved-dielectric lens antenna for the terahertz band

Wu Pan and Wei Zeng

In order to improve the gain and directionality of a terahertz antenna, a square grooved-dielectric lens antenna based on a Fresnel zone plate is proposed. First, a diagonal horn, which is adopted as the primary feed antenna, is designed. Then, the far-field characteristics of the lens antenna are studied by using Fresnel–Kirchhoff diffraction theory and the paraxial approximation. The effects of the full-wave period, the focus diameter ratio, the subregion, and the dielectric substrate thickness on radiation characteristics are studied. The experimental results show that the proposed lens antenna has axisymmetric radiation patterns. The gain is over 26.1 dB, and the 3 dB main lobe beam width is lower than 5.6° across the operation band. The proposed lens antenna is qualified for applications in terahertz wireless communication systems.
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