Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Abstract-Sub-terahertz imaging using time-domain signals obtained with photoconductive spiral antennas

Osamu Morikawa, Kohji Yamamoto, Kazuyoshi Kurihara, Masahiko Tani, Fumiyoshi Kuwashima, and Masanori Hangyo

A sub-terahertz time-domain spectroscopic system with spiral antennas, which have high efficiency in the sub-THz region, was applied to imaging. In the time-domain signals, there were several peaks with various widths. Images were obtained by translating samples at the focus of the sub-THz beam with the time delay fixed at certain positions while monitoring the signal. At the edge of the metal patterns, the signal basically showed step-like variations, which were sometimes accompanied by overshoot structures (peaks and dips) depending on the time-delay position. The overshoot can be utilized to make the images sharper. The time-delay position can be adjusted to make the step height zero and produce images that contain only the overshoot, which can be transformed into images of the edge lines of the metal pattern. In addition, an image of the watermark on a 1000-yen bill was obtained. The image contrast caused by the small variation of the bill paper thickness was enhanced by locating the time delay at the position where the signal shows maximum sensitivity to the phase shift.
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