Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Abstract-Robust Topological Terahertz Circuits using Semiconductors

Topological Insulator-based devices can transport electrons/photons at the surfaces of materials without any back reflections, even in the presence of obstacles. Topological properties have recently been studied using non-reciprocal materials such as gyromagnetics or using bianisotropy. However, these effects usually saturate at optical frequencies and limit our ability to scale down devices. In order to implement topological devices that we introduce in this paper for the terahertz range, we show that semiconductors can be utilized via their cyclotron resonance in combination with small magnetic fields. We propose novel terahertz operating devices such as the topological tunable power splitter and the topological circulator. This work opens new perspectives in the design of terahertz integrated devices and circuits with high functionality.

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