Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Abstract-In situ spatial mapping of Gouy phase slip with terahertz generation in two-color field

Chao Meng, Zhihui Lü, Yindong Huang, Xiaowei Wang, Wenbo Chen, Dongwen Zhang, Zengxiu Zhao, and Jianmin Yuan

We establish a one-to-one mapping between the local phase slip and the spatial position near the focus by scanning a thin jet along the propagation direction of laser beams. The measurement shows that the optimal phase of terahertz can be utilized to characterize in situ the spatially dependent relative phase of the two-color field. We also investigate the role of the Gouy phase shift on terahertz generation from two-color laser-induced plasma. The result is of critical importance for phase-dependent applications of two-color laser-field, including high-order harmonic and terahertz generation.
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