Thursday, May 12, 2016

Abstract-Highly nonlinear organic crystal OHQ-T for efficient ultra-broadband terahertz wave generation beyond 10 THz

Bong Joo Kang, In Hyung Baek, Seung-Heon Lee, Won Tae Kim, Seung-Jun Lee, Young Uk Jeong, O-Pil Kwon, and Fabian Rotermund

We report on efficient generation of ultra-broadband terahertz (THz) waves via optical rectification in a novel nonlinear organic crystal with acentric core structure, i.e. 2-(4-hydroxystyryl)-1-methylquinolinium 4-methylbenzenesulfonate (OHQ-T), which possesses an ideal molecular structure leading to a maximized nonlinear optical response for near-infrared-pumped THz wave generation. By systematic studies on wavelength-dependent phase-matching conditions in OHQ-T crystals of different thicknesses we are able to generate coherent THz waves with a high peak-to-peak electric field amplitude of up to 650 kV/cm and an upper cut-off frequency beyond 10 THz. High optical-to-THz conversion efficiency of 0.31% is achieved by efficient index matching with a selective pumping at 1300 nm.
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