Monday, April 11, 2016

Abstract-Terahertz wave generation element, terahertz wave detection element, and terahertz time domain spectroscope device

Ouchi, Toshihiko (Machida, JP) 
United States Patent 9304373

A terahertz wave generation element is provided, which includes: an optical waveguide including a core of electro-optic crystal; an optical coupler for extracting a terahertz wave generated from the optical waveguide when light propagates in the optical waveguide to a space; and a reflecting layer disposed on the opposite side to the optical coupler with respect to the core of the optical waveguide, so as to reflect the generated terahertz wave. According to the element, it is possible to provide a generation element that can generate a relatively high intensity terahertz wave efficiently by photoexcitation or generate a terahertz wave having a relatively narrow pulse width, so as to flexibly control waveform shaping of the generated terahertz wave.

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