Sunday, April 3, 2016

Abstract-Leaky-Wave Radiations by Modulating Surface Impedance on Subwavelength Corrugated Metal Structures.

Cai BG1Li YB1Ma HF1,2Jiang WX1,2Cheng Q1,3Cui TJ1,3.

One-dimensional (1D) subwavelength corrugated metal structures has been described to support spoof surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs). Here we demonstrate that a periodically modulated 1D subwavelength corrugated metal structure can convert spoof SPPs to propagating waves. The structure is fed at the center through a slit with a connected waveguide on the input side. The subwavelength corrugated metal structure on the output surface is regarded as metasurface and modulated periodically to realize the leaky-wave radiation at the broadside. The surface impedance of the corrugated metal structure is modulated by using cosine function and triangle-wave function, respectively, to reach the radiation effect. Full wave simulations and measuremental results are presented to validate the proposed design.

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