Thursday, March 31, 2016

Abstract-A micromachined freestanding terahertz absorber with an array of metallic patches

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AIP Advances 6, 035323 (2016)

An array of square metallic patches on a thin suspended dielectric layer is introduced as an effective terahertz absorber. The suspended structure is placed on a metalized substrate and the device exhibits metamaterial behavior at specific frequencies determined by the size of the patches. It is feasible to place patches with different sizes in an array formation for a broadband absorber. In array configuration, individual elements induce distinct resonances yielding narrow band absorption regions. Design of the absorber is described using electromagnetic simulations. The absorber structure was fabricated on a silicon wafer using standard microfabrication techniques. The characteristics of the absorber were measured using a terahertz time domain spectroscope. The measured data match well the simulations indicating strong absorption peaks in a band of 0.5-2 THz.

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