Monday, March 7, 2016

Abstract-Accurate equivalent circuit model for millimetre-wave UTC photodiodes

Michele Natrella, Chin-Pang Liu, Chris Graham, Frederic van Dijk, Huiyun Liu, Cyril C. Renaud, and Alwyn J. Seeds

We present a comprehensive study of uni-travelling carrier photodiode impedance and frequency photo-response supported by measurements up to 110 GHz. The results of this investigation provide valuable new information for the optimisation of the coupling efficiency between UTC-PDs and THz antennas. We show that the measured impedance cannot be explained employing the standard junction-capacitance/series-resistance concept and propose a new model for the observed effects, which exhibits good agreement with the experimental data. The achieved knowledge of the photodiode impedance will allow the absolute level of power emitted by antenna integrated UTCs to be predicted and ultimately maximized.
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