Friday, February 26, 2016

Microtech and TeraSense partner to develop full terahertz imaging systems

IMAGE: Microtech and TeraSense are partnering to offer complete terahertz imaging systems, leveraging their separate source and camera expertise (Image credit: Microtech Instruments)
Microtech Instruments (Eugene, OR) and TeraSense Group (San Jose, CA) are combining their efforts in promoting terahertz imaging systems for research and industrial applications.
High-power terahertz sources from Microtech and terahertz cameras developed by TeraSense are being paired to enable cost-effective solutions for video-rate imaging in the frequency range of 0.1-0.7 THz. Microtech will also demonstrate solutions for imaging at frequencies up to 1.5 THz, including Raster Scan and new video-rate T-Vision systems. Raster Scan systems consist of high power BWO sources with Golay Cell detectors and offer very high dynamic range. T-Vision imaging is based on the TPO, a high-power optically generated terahertz sources that uses frequency up-conversion for imaging.

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