Sunday, January 24, 2016

TeTechS blog-The High-Fashion Side of Terahertz

It happens to the best of us.JanBlog1
We see that shiny new purse or stylish pair of running shoes and we think “I have GOT to have that!”
Your eyes go to the label – its your favourite designer! You slowly turn the price-tag over…*cringe*
BUT its worth it.
After all, you’re paying for a high-quality designer brand that you’ve pretty much decided is the next best thing since chocolate cake or coffee on a Monday.
In reality however, 10% of all fashion related products sold are counterfeits and approximately 1 in 5 shoppers who are in search of a bargain are falling victim to fraud.
According to a recent study by the European Union, counterfeit designer goods cost the industry approximately $28.5 BILLION USD each year which then results in a loss of jobs upwards of 500 000 annually.
Designers have been combatting counterfeits by stepping up their design-game to deliver products of even higher quality, but what is the solution for protecting consumers from this type of fraud?
According to the United Kingdom’s National Physics Laboratory, terahertz is the answer to this billion-dollar problem!
Terahertz technology – specifically terahertz time-domain spectroscopy – is capable of identifying natural and artificial textiles. This means, that this technology could be used to help detect and prevent fraudulent goods from entering or leaving a country at customs clearance.
Each fabric has a distinct transmission pattern, which affects both the amplitude and the phase of the terahertz radiation. Essentially, the material of your favourite designer scarf would possess a specific “signature” to differentiate it from imposters – and terahertz technology would be able to detect this.

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