Sunday, January 10, 2016

Abstract-Investigation of graphene assisted tunable terahertz metamaterials absorber

Xiaoyong He, Xu Zhong, Fangting Lin, and Wangzhou Shi

By using the graphene-SiO2-Si-dielectrics-metallic ground plane (GSiO2SiDM) structures, we investigate the tunable properties of graphene metamaterials (MMs) absorbers in the terahertz region, including the effects of operation frequency, Fermi level, and graphene structure patterns. The results manifest that the graphene tunable GSiO2SiDM structure can achieve net absorption by changing structure parameters and the Fermi level of graphene layer. The resonant absorption and reflection curves of the GSiO2SiDM structures can be shifted in a wide range via controlling the applied electric fields. The modulation depth of resonant amplitude and frequency can reach more than 60% and 30%, respectively. The resonant peak (dip) of the absorption (reflection) curves shift to high frequency with the increase of Fermi level of the graphene layer. Due to broad absorption curve, the graphene MMs absorbers structures are suitable for the fabrication of broad absorber. The results are very useful to design novel devices, such as thermal detectors, imager, and biosensors.
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