Thursday, January 21, 2016

Abstract-Entangled Terahertz Photon Emission from Topological Insulator Quantum Dots

Li-kun ShiKai ChangChang-Pu Sun

We propose an experimentally feasible scheme for generating entangled terahertz photons in topological insulator quantum dots (TIQDs). We demonstrate theoretically that in TIQDs with disorders and irregular shapes: 1) the fine structure splitting, which is the obstacle to produce entangled photons in conventional semiconductor quantum dots, is inherently absent for one-dimensional massless excitons due to the time-reversal symmetry; 2) the selection rules obey winding number conservation instead of the conventional angular momentum conservation between edge states with a linear dispersion. With these two advantages, the entanglement of the emitted photons during the cascade in our scheme is robust against unavoidable disorders and morphology fluctuations of the TIQD.

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