Saturday, January 30, 2016

Abstract- Effective terahertz signal detection via electromagnetically induced transparency in graphene

Shaopeng Liu, Wen-Xing Yang, Zhonghu Zhu, and Ray-Kuang Lee

We propose and analyze an efficient way to detect the terahertz (THz) signal in a magnetized graphene system via electromagnetically induced transparency. Such a scheme for THz signal detection mainly relies on the measurement of probe transmission spectra, in which the behaviors of a weak-probe transmission spectra can be controlled by switching on/off the THz signal radiation. Taking into account the tunable optical transition frequency between the Landau levels in graphene, our analytical results demonstrate that a broad frequency bandwidth of the THz signal radiation, ranging from 0.36 to 11.4 THz, can be inspected and modulated by means of an external magnetic field. As a consequence, the proposed magnetized graphene system performs a striking potential to utilize quantum interference in the design of optical solid-state devices.
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