Thursday, January 28, 2016

Abstract-Bi-Function Multi-Beam Graphene Lens Antenna for Terahertz Applications

Bi-function Compact graphene lens antenna in terahertz (THz) band has been investigated. The array function is switched between two status, reflectarray and/or transmitarray. The tunability of graphene conductivity introduces the bi-function characteristics of a single array structure in the THz band. The design depends on changing the graphene DC biasing voltage to transform the transmitting antenna to reflecting antenna. The compact structure of the antenna array saves the cost and the allocation area for the terahertz communication applications. A 13 × 13 reflectarray/ transmitarray antenna covering an area of 364 × 364 μm2 is proposed. A dual-beams reflectarray/transmitarray antenna is achieved by rearranging the cell elements of the array successively. Finally, a single structure is used to work as reflectarray and transmitarray antenna at the same time by rearranging the applied voltages between the different pieces of the graphene sheet using chess board arrangement. The phases of the successive unit-cells are kept the same of their locations in the original full array. The radiation characteristics of the array are investigated using the CST Microwave Studio for the bi-function operation.

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