Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Abstract-Absorber: a novel terahertz sensor in the application of substance identification

·       Jianjun Liu , Lanlan Fa, Jinfeng Ku, Lili Mao

Different to traditional identification methods, a novel method that using terahertz absorber to identify waste oil and edible oil is proposed in this paper. Terahertz absorber is a sensitive metamaterials sensor which be characteristic of low and frequency in the terahertz frequency band. When the waste oil or edible oil is added to the absorber void, terahertz electromagnetic response of absorber is moved, and the redshift phenomenon of response peak is produced. Comparison of different levels of redshift, we can distinguish waste oil and edible oil clearly. The experimental data and results show that the proposed method provides a novel detection method for different substance by using metamaterials sensor in terahertz band.

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