Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Abstract-Effect of two-color laser pulse duration on intense terahertz generation at different laser intensity

Chenhui Lu, Tao He, Liqiang Zhang, Hui Zhang, Yunhua Yao, Shufen Li, and Shian Zhang

We theoretically study the terahertz generation in the two-color laser-gas interactions based on a transient photocurrent model. We show that the terahertz generation depends on the laser pulse duration and intensity of the two-color laser field. Furthermore, the terahertz amplitude increases with the increase of laser pulse duration at low laser intensity, but decreases with the increase of laser pulse at high laser intensity. Our analysis shows that the ionization events play an important role in terahertz generation, and the terahertz amplitude is determined by the superposition of contributions from individual ionization events.

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