Monday, November 16, 2015

Associate Professor Yukio Kawano awarded the 14th DOCOMO Mobile Science Award

Associate Professor Yukio Kawano of the Quantum Nanoelectronics Research Center was awarded the 14th DOCOMO Mobile Science Award in Fundamental Science. The DOCOMO Mobile Science Awards are given to researchers with outstanding achievements, with the aim of developing mobile telecommunications within Japan and nurturing young researchers under the age of 50. The award ceremony was held on October 16th at the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo.
Associate Professor Kawano
Associate Professor Kawano

Research theme

The development and application of terahertz electromagnetic wave imaging technology using nanostructures

Reason for award

Terahertz technology is anticipated to have wide applications in the fields of medicine, industry and science. However, as fundamental measurement capabilities (detection sensitivity, spatial resolution, spectral bandwidth, etc.) are unsatisfactory, the imaging and spectral measurement in the nano region in particular has yet to be developed. Associate Professor Kawano and his team used semiconductor quantum structure, carbon nanotube and graphene to develop highly sensitive terahertz detection, high resolution imaging and broad band spectral technology which have significantly better capabilities than conventional methods. In addition, he applied this to research on electronic materials, molecules and devices and verified its usefulness to materials and bio nano-analysis. In addition to the academic contribution, we can look forward to the systemization and practical application of measurements in the future.
Associate Professor Kawano gave the following comment upon receiving this prize.
Terahertz waves are said to be the last undeveloped region in the wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves. It can be applied to a wide range of fields from basic science to industrial and medical fields. I enjoyed challenging an unknown field and pursuing the possibility of new applications. Encouraged by receiving this prestigious award, I would like to share the joy of research with fellow researchers and members of my laboratory and push forward to achieve further in future. Thank you very much.
Photo of the award ceremony (In the front row, 2nd from the left, is Associate Professor Kawano)
Photo of the award ceremony (In the front row, 2nd from the left, is Associate Professor Kawano)

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