Sunday, November 8, 2015

Abstract-Coherent detection for continuous terahertz wave

Hui YuanTielin LuJingshui Zhang; Liangliang Zhang; Ji ZhaoYuejin Zhao

In this paper we demonstrated a coherent raster-scan imaging system that can acquire phase information based on continuous terahertz imaging. It mixes the terahertz with a Fs-laser by a electro-optic crystal of ZnTe to make a hybrid modulation on the crystal to achieve continuous terahertz detection. In this way, it can not only propagate for a long distance but also achieve phase detection for continuous terahertz imaging. The surface images of objects that are under test can be obtained by the Backward-Wave Oscillator, which the output power is 10mW at 205.994GHz. With the repetition frequency of 80MHz, the output power of the MaiTai is 1.65W and 100fs pulse light at 800nm. The images can achieve diffraction-limited resolution approximately. And the simulated results show that the system can obtain phase imaging of test objects based on continuous terahertz source. The way to get the phase of the signal has significant meaning for coherent detection of continuous terahertz source.

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