Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Abstract-Efficient metallic spintronic emitters of ultrabroadband terahertz radiation

T. SeifertS. JaiswalU. MartensJ. HanneganL. BraunP. MaldonadoF. FreimuthA. KronenbergJ. HenriziI. RaduE. BeaurepaireY. MokrousovP. M. OppeneerM. JourdanG. Jakob,D. TurchinovichL. M. HaydenM. WolfM. MünzenbergM. KläuiT. Kampfrath

Terahertz electromagnetic radiation is extremely useful for numerous applications such as imaging and spectroscopy. Therefore, it is highly desirable to have an efficient table-top emitter covering the 1-to-30-THz window whilst being driven by a low-cost, low-power femtosecond laser oscillator. So far, all solid-state emitters solely exploit physics related to the electron charge and deliver emission spectra with substantial gaps. Here, we take advantage of the electron spin to realize a conceptually new terahertz source based on tailored fundamental spintronic/photonic phenomena in magnetic metal multilayers: a spin-dependent generalization of the photo-Dember effect, the inverse spin-Hall effect and a broadband Fabry-P\'erot resonance. Guided by an analytical model, such spintronic route offers unique possibilities for systematic optimization. We find that a 5.8-nm-thick W/CoFeB/Pt trilayer generates ultrashort THz pulses fully covering the 1-to-30-THz range. Our novel source outperforms standard emitters such as ZnTe(110) crystals in terms of bandwidth, conversion efficiency, flexibility, scalability and cost.

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