Saturday, October 31, 2015

Abstract-Broadband, wide-angle, low-scattering terahertz wave by a flexible 2-bit coding metasurface

Xin Yan, Lanju Liang, Jing Yang, Weiwei Liu, Xin Ding, Degang Xu, Yating Zhang, Tiejun Cui, and Jianquan Yao

Abstract: Expanding bandwidths and arbitrary control of technology remain key issues in the field of electromagnetic waves, especially in terahertz (THz) wave. In this paper, we propose a novel method to achieve broadband low-scattering THz characteristics with wide-angle and polarization independence by a 2-bit flexible and nonabsorptive coding metasurface. The coding metasurface is composed of four digital elements based on double cross metallic line for “00”, “01”, “10”, and “11.” The reflection phase difference of neighboring elements is about 90° over a broad THz frequency band and wide incident angles. The low scattering coefficients below –10 dB were achieved over a wide frequency band from 0.8 THz to 1.5 THz when the incident angle is less than 50° by coding the four elements sequences. This superior property is maintained when the flexible coding metasurface is wrapped around a metallic cylinder with different dimensions. These results present a novel method to control THz waves freely and demonstrate significant scientific value in practical applications.
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