Friday, August 28, 2015

T-Vision Enables Video-Rate Imaging of Defects in Wearable Electronics

Microtech Introduces New THz Imaging System at a Tradeshow in Hong Kong

EUGENE, OR--(Marketwired - August 27, 2015) - Microtech Instruments, Inc. announces the availability of T-Vision -- a new THz imaging system designed for research and industrial applications, such as non-destructive screening of products for hidden defects.
Operation of the T-Vision is based on upconverting the THz image to the near-IR. By mixing the narrowband THz pulse with a near IR pulse at 1064 nm, the THz image is spectrally shifted to around 1070 nm, where it can be detected with a conventional CMOS camera. The imaging system takes advantage of unique features of high power THz source TPO-1500, developed and patented by Microtech.
Microtech is making a demo of T-Vision available for testing to potential customers, partners and investors at its facilities based in Eugene, Oregon. Several videos demonstrating capabilities of T-Vision are available on Microtech website, including:
About Microtech Instruments, Inc.
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