Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Abstract-Simultaneous measurements of terahertz emission spectroscopy and magneto-optical Kerr effect for resolving ultrafast laser-induced demagnetization dynamics

Phys. Rev. B
T. J. Huisman, R. V. Mikhaylovskiy, A. Tsukamoto, Th. Rasing, and A. V. Kimel

Simultaneous detection of THz emission and transient magneto-optical response is employed to study ultrafast laser-induced magnetization dynamics in three different types of amorphous metallic alloys: Co, GdFeCo and NdFeCo. A satisfactory agreement between the dynamics revealed with the help of these two techniques is obtained for Co and GdFeCo. For NdFeCo the THz emission indicates faster dynamics than the magneto-optical response. This observation indicates that in addition to spin dynamics of Fe, ultrafast laser excitation of NdFeCo triggers faster magnetization dynamics of Nd originating from its orbital momentum.

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