Friday, July 31, 2015

Abstract-Teeter-totter effect of terahertz dual modes in C-shaped complementary split-ring resonators

A teeter-totter effect of terahertz (THz) resonant modes in C-shaped complementary split-ringresonators (CSRRs) is observed. The dual resonant mode transmission enhancement was investigated using THz time-domain spectroscopy. The intensity of the lower-frequency resonance modes increases monotonically with the CSSR gap width, which is accompanied by a monotonic decrease in the intensity of the higher-frequency resonance modes. The origin of the dual resonant modes is numerically explained by the electromagnetic energy density distribution and surface current analysis. The inductive-capacitive resonance dominates the lower frequency mode, while the dipole oscillation dominates the higher frequency mode. By tuning the gap of the CSRR, an equilibrant transmittance of above dual resonance modes can be designed. This teeter-totter effect promises a possible application of CSSRs as potential dual-bandpass filters in the THz-region.

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