Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Abstract-Numerical and theoretical analysis on the absorption properties of metasurface-based terahertz absorbers with different thicknesses

Kaimin Wu, Yongjun Huang, Tenglong Wanghuang, Weijian Chen, and Guangjun Wen

In this paper, we numerically and theoretically discuss the novel absorption properties of a conventional metasurface-based terahertz (THz) electromagnetic (EM) absorber with different dielectric thicknesses. Two absorption modes are presented in the considered frequency band due to the increased dielectric thickness, and both modes can achieve near-unity absorptions when the dielectric layers reach additional 𝑛𝜆𝑑/2 (𝑛=1, 2) thicknesses, where 𝜆𝑑 is the operating wavelength at the peak absorption in the dielectric slabs. The surface currents between the metasurface resonators and ground plane are not associated any longer, different from the conventional thin absorbers. Moreover, the EM wave energies are completely absorbed by the metasurface resonators and dielectric layer, and the main function of ground plane is to reflect the incident EM waves back to the resonators. The discussed novel absorption properties are analyzed and explained by classical EM theory and interference theory after numerical demonstrations. These findings can broaden the potential applications of the metasurface-based absorbers in the THz frequency range for different requirements.
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