Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finnish start-up announces passive terahertz camera

Worried about the privacy and against harmful radiation inhibits the proliferation of so-called body scanners. A small company in Finland wants to defuse concerns both with a passive system.
The Finnish start-up Asqella , a spin-off from VTT Technical Research Centre wants to bring a rating based on the detection of terahertz waves camera on the market. Unlike previous systems they are even from no radiation, which is likely to mitigate health concerns. In addition, the camera does not produce accurate 3D images of people to be checked, so that the privacy is to be better protected. The international market launch is scheduled for the coming autumn, said CEO Arttu Luukanen towards Technology Review Online .
For about ten years, the exploration and use of terahertz radiation in the range between 100 microns and 1 millimeter, between microwaves and infrared intensified.So-called body or body scanners have been found after some initial difficulties widespread at airports around the world, also in Germany.
The heart of the passive system of Asqella loud Luukanen a so-called superconducting bolometer, ie a sensor for wide radiation measurements on thermal effects. However, the company initially not aimed at the market of airport security because of is to open a small party barely. Instead, the Finns think of checks on employees in storage centers or visitors at major events.
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