Thursday, June 18, 2015

Abstract-The terahertz frontier for ultrafast coherent magnetic switching: Terahertz-induced demagnetization in ferromagnets

The transition frequency between nonthermal coherent magnetic precessions and ultrafast demagnetization is arguably the most sought after answer in magnetism science and technology nowadays. So far, it is believed to be in the terahertz (THz) range. Here, using an ultra-intense low frequency THz bullet, and thin magnetic layers, we report on experimental evidences that fully coherent nonthermal THz magnetic switching may never be reachable in conventional ferromagnetic thin films. At high excitation intensities, while the spins still coherently precess with the THz magnetic field, the deposited THz energy initiates ultrafast demagnetization and ultimately material damage. These series of phenomena are found to take place simultaneously. The reported experiments set fundamental limits and raise questions on the coupling between electronic and magnetic systems and the associated structural dynamics on the ultrafast time scale.

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