Sunday, June 28, 2015

Abstract- Realization of broadband cross-polarization conversion in transmission mode in the terahertz region using a single-layer metasurface

Wenwei Liu, Shuqi Chen, Zhancheng Li, Hua Cheng, Ping Yu, Jianxiong Li, and Jianguo Tian

We present the design specifications and in-depth analysis of a terahertz (THz) broadband cross-polarization converter composed of a single-layer metasurface. This device can convert linearly polarized light into its cross-polarization in transmission mode. Different from other polarization conversion devices, this effect results from the suppression and enhancement for different electric components. The broadband characteristic is also achieved by specific partial symmetries designed in the structure. The proposed polarization converter can aid in the development of novel plasmonic polarization devices, and can help to overcome certain limitations of the customary designs that have been proposed thus far.
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