Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Abstract-Metal-film subwavelength-grating polarizer with low insertion losses and high extinction ratios in the terahertz region

Kazuo Shiraishi and Kengo Muraki

A metal-film subwavelength-grating polarizer with high performance in the terahertz region is presented. The polarizer was obtained by depositing a thin Au film on a resin grating with a triangular cross section duplicated from a metal mold by using the imprinting method. Microstructural parameters were investigated in detail. Measured insertion losses were less than 0.5 dB in the frequency range of 0.5–3 THz, while extinction ratios were 50 dB in the range of 0.5–2.3 THz. The proposed fabrication method is suited to mass production of large-aperture robust polarizers.
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