Sunday, February 22, 2015

Abstract-Reconfigurable Terahertz Leaky-Wave Antenna Using Graphene-Based High-Impedance Surface

The concept of graphene-based two-dimensional leaky-wave antenna (LWA), allowing both frequency tuning and beam steering in the terahertz band, is proposed in this paper. In its design, a graphene sheet is used as a tuning part of the high-impedance surface (HIS) that acts as the ground plane of such 2-D LWA. It is shown that, by adjusting the graphene conductivity, the reflection phase of the HIS can be altered effectively, thus controlling the resonant frequency of the 2-D LWA over a broad band. In addition, a flexible adjustment of its pointing direction can be achieved over a wide range, while keeping the operating frequency fixed. Transmission-line methods are used to accurately predict the antenna reconfigurable characteristics, which are further verified by means of commercial full-wave analysis tools.

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