Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Abstract-Fabrication and Characterization of Linear Terahertz Detector Arrays Based on Lithium Tantalate Crystal


Two samples of 30-pixel linear terahertz detector arrays (TDAs) were fabricated based on lithium tantalate (LT) crystals. Pixel readout circuit (ROC) was designed to extract the weak current signal of TDAs. A test platform was established for performance evaluation of TDA+ROC components. By using a 2.52THz laser as radiation source, the test results reveal that average voltage responsivities of the components were larger than 7000V/W and non-uniformity no more than 2.1%. Average noise equivalent power (NEP) of one sample was measured to be 1.5×10-9 W/Hz1/2, which is low enough and desirable for high performance THz detector.

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