Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Abstract-Visualization of ferroelectric domains in a hydrogen-bonded molecular crystal using emission of terahertz radiation

Using a terahertz-radiation imaging, visualizations of ferroelectric domains were made in a room-temperature organic ferroelectric, croconic acid. In as-grown crystals, observed are ferroelectricdomains with sizes larger than 50-m square, which are separated by both 180° and tail-to-taildomain walls (DWs). By applying an electric field along  axis (the polarization direction), a pair of 180° DWs is generated and an each 180° DW oppositely propagates along  axis, resulting in a single domain. By cyclic applications of electric fields, a pair of 180° DWs repeatedly emerges, while no tail-to-tail DWs appear. We discuss the usefulness of the terahertz-radiation imaging as well as the observed unique DW dynamics.

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