Thursday, June 12, 2014

Abstract-A review of non-linear terahertz spectroscopy with ultrashort tabletop-laser pulses

Harold Y. Hwang, Sharly Fleischer, Nathaniel C. Brandt, Bradford G. Perkins Jr., Mengkun Liu, Kebin Fan, Aaron Sternbach, Xin Zhang, Richard D. Averitt & Keith A. Nelson,

Over the past decade, breakthroughs in the generation and control of ultrafast high-field terahertz (THz) radiation have led to new spectroscopic methodologies for the study of light-matter interactions in the strong-field limit. In this review, we will outline recent experimental demonstrations of non-linear THz material responses in materials ranging from molecular gases, to liquids, to varieties of solids – including semiconductors, nanocarbon, and correlated electron materials. New insights into how strong THz fields interact with matter will be discussed in which a THz field can act as either a non-resonant electric field or a broad bandwidth pulse driving specific resonances within it. As an emerging field, non-linear THz spectroscopy shows promise for elucidating dynamic problems associated with next generation electronics and optoelectronics, as well as for demonstrating control over collective material degrees of freedom.

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